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After my family started keeping chickens in 2008, we decided we wanted to add ducks and geese to our collection of birds. I do not like the chickens, so my mom let me get some ducklings. Our 10 ducklings and pair of goslings arrived on March 3, 2011, at our local post office. I was so excited to be getting the little fuzz-balls. They are so funny, and they laugh at me as much as I laugh at them...they "quack" me up!

My brother and I each picked out a different breed of duck. He chose the iridescent black Cayuga, and I chose the Rouen breed, which look like a large Mallard duck. My mom also ordered a pair of Tufted Roman goslings. It didn't start off too well, we lost one Cayuga duckling soon after they arrived and one of the goslings also died shortly after that. My brother also decided it was too much work, and now, with a little help from my mom, I take care of all the ducks and the goose. They are all doing very well now. In the spring of 2012, we added another breed, Blue Swedish ducks, and in the spring of 2013, we received an American Buff goose and Tufted Roman gander. We are still working toward our plan of a permanent enclosure with a real pond for them to swim. It will be much larger, and the pond will be deep enough for them to "stick their behinds in the air" while looking for food! Ha! Ha!

It is a lot of work keeping ducks (they are very messy little boogers), but it is so much fun to have them. The cutest thing about them is if the smallest one is lagging behind another larger one will wait on it, and when it catches up they will both go to the duck pool with the others. Now, I know where the phrase Get your ducks in a row comes from -- many times I've watched two ducks go off in another direction and all the others immediately follow them!

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3/4/2014: All the ducks & geese are doing great! We now have 7 grown ducklings that are mixes of the Rouen, Cayuga, & Blue Swedish. Annabelle, our American Buff goose, is a hoot and has chosen the frontdoor mat to lay her huge eggs!