Do you date your eggs?

We do not refrigerate the farm fresh eggs, so at times – especially in spring – we have cartons and cartons of eggs sitting on the counters. To reduce the risk of accidentally sending old eggs to extended family or friends, we date our eggs each night after collecting them. Reusing cartons and consolidating eggs into fewer cartons cannot be done if you date the cartons, which means each individual egg must be dated. We started dating with a charcoal pencil which was easy enough, but when you collect 2-3 dozen, or more, eggs a night that can be quit time-consuming. Mama Mo began searching for alternatives…

Simple office item makes poultry farming so much easier!

An easy and inexpensive solution was found through Amazon! A regular office date stamp with the year slot set to blank works great. We were concerned with stamping ink on the eggs, so we found an edible ink* to use and ensure food safety. The ink was a little pricey ($20 for a 4 oz bottle), but it lasts a long time in the un-inked pad that we bought. We’ve only re-inked it about 3 times in 1 1/2 years.  The stamp and pad were well under $10, so we spent less than $30.00 to tremendously speed up evening chores. You can have 2-3 dozen eggs individually dated in less than 5 minutes. Well worth it! Plus, the ink does not smudge or wipe off like the charcoal pencil did. In fact, we wash our eggs with lukewarm water right before use, and unless we scrub, it doesn’t even wash off then.

*Unfortunately, that particular ink is no longer available on Amazon, but there are numerous other edible inks for around the same price or maybe less.

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