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Poultry Supplements: Grit and Calcium

Most people who keep chickens already know the basics of necessary supplements. For decades, probably even longer, grit and a calcium source have been at the top of the list for poultry keeping necessities, both dependent upon the poultry‚Äôs access to natural supplementation. It…

Double-Yolk Eggs Could Mean Trouble

Earlier this week, we thought we had a broody hen already occupying our most popular nest box in a largest flock. Splotchy had set up camp and was sending out her broody sounding warnings anytime another hen came around. She is the only EasterEgger…

“Mean” Roosters – Why We Keep Them Anyway

After much researching, we found more solid opinions when we began studying rooster behaviors, particularly in relation to a rooster’s position in a flock.

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